Historical fiction is a means for us to look through to the past, the lives and lifestyle of people without having to actually go through bulky history books. Reading historical fiction can be a fun way to learn about our past and compare it to our present. Be sure to read these 8 popular historical fictions which will make you look at your life in a completely different light.

The God Of Small Things By Arundhati Roy

Published: 1997

Publisher: ‎IndiaInk, India

About the Book:

The God of Small Things is the debut novel of Arundathi Roy which won her the Booker Prize in 1997. It is a story which recounts how society dictates whom to love and how much to love them and how considerations such as caste play a more important role than finding the right person. The novel depicts the double standards women have to measure up to and how the worth of women is attached to their marital status. Most of all, the novel enlightens the basic human need to be understood and sometimes we may find it in the most likely yet unlikeliest of places.

One Hundred Years Of Solitude By Gabriel García Márquez

Published: 1967

Publisher: ‎Editorial Sudamericana

About the Book:

The novel is credited with creating a whole new genre called magical realism and chronicles the life of the Buendia family over seven generations. It begins with the story of patriarch of the family and founder of Macondo, a fictitious town in the country of Colombia. Throughout the novel, one of the most important themes is that of the family being haunted by the fear of a punishment coming true The novel is filled with clever metaphors and symbolisms.

A Tale Of Two Cities by Charles Dickens

Published: 1859

Publisher: Chapman & Hall

About the Book:

The novel is set in the period before and during the French Revolution and has its setting both in Paris and London. It enumerates the 18-year imprisonment of a French doctor named Manette who was imprisoned in Bastille and after being released goes on to live with his daughter Lucie.

War And Peace by Leo Tolstoy

Published: 1869

Publisher: The Russian Messenger (serial)

About the Book:

“War and Peace” is known for its elaborate plot and the sheer number of characters involved but it is worth your time and mental energy. The novel takes us into the world of the French Invasion of Russia and the influence Napoleon had in the Tsarian era through the life stories of five aristocratic Russian families.

Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell

Published: 1936

Publisher: Macmillan Publishers (United States)

About the Book:

The novel is set at the time of the American Civil War and the Reconstruction Era in Atlanta and Georgia. An interesting feature of the novel is the Bildungsroman or coming-of-age story attributed to a young girl who is the daughter of a well-to-do plantation owner. The novel presents a tense environment as the seven southern states of the United States had declared secession from the Union and formed the Confederate States of America, a move which the Union did not acknowledge and with both parties having reached an embargo, the war was the only and fast approaching solution.

Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie

Published: 1981

Publisher: Jonathan Cape

About the Book:

Midnight’s Children won the Booker Prize in 1981 and is set in the times of the British colonising of India to the times of Independence. It features the agonies of partition and is recounted by the narrator who was born at exactly the moment when India became independent and is found to have telepathic powers what follows is gruelling story of the adventures and miseries that befall him owing to his special powers.

Hippie by Paulo Coelho

Published: 2018

Publisher: Knopf

About the Book:

Hippie” is a semi-autobiographical book set in the 1970s and chronicles the life of the author during the said time period. The novel follows the life of two young people both belonging to a generation of people who long for peace. The first person is a young Brazilian man who wants to become an author and the second person is a Dutch woman who is on the lookout for a companion which whom she can set on the ultimate hippie trail to Nepal.

Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Published: 2007

Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf

About the Book:

The novel is set in Nigeria and recounts the circumstances and horrors of the Nigerian Civil war fought between the Nigerian Government and the secessionist state of Biafra. The novel is presented through the eyes of three characters Olanna, Ugwu, and Richard. The reader is presented with the metamorphosis in the lives of the characters from the time the war began to its conclusion…

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