The 15 Best Guitar Solos of all Time

If you are a prospective guitarist, then there would be many amazing songs you may want to do. But you might not know which the best songs are. Here is the list of best 15 tracks for a guitarist on which he can do solo.

The Best Guitar Solos you can try as a Guitarist

1. Stairway to Heaven

If you have heard of 1971 Stairway to Heaven, you will want to perform on that. A perfect track by Led Zeppelin and almost everyone loves it. Most of the guitarists love this album as it has incredible scope for playing on the right cord.

2. Eruption

Van Halen, who had done his debut in 1978, came up with this fantastic track. The eruption is something you would love to try if you have learned guitar or if you are a professional. It is a great album, and you should try a solo on that.

3. Free Bird

One of the biggest hit in 1973 was this one Free Bird. It has that music that can evoke your senses. For a guitarist playing this fantastic song would be a treat. Also, the audience would love it by all means.

4. Comfortably Numb

This album came from the year 1975, and the guitarist here was David Gilmour. He had a perfect music sense, and with this album, he attained an ideal name too.

5. All Along the WatchTower

Jimi Hendrix, who was a famous guitarist, came up with this fantastic album and it came from the year 1968. He had produced this album, and since he wanted to put some creativity, he had done this with some of the best setups, With such effects, this album had become quite popular.

6. November Rain

This album was a big hit, and it was originated in the USA. If you have not yet heard, then you should do it and also try to learn to play a solo guitar on this.

7. One

This solo guitar track had become quite popular in New York. Kirk Hammet had earned a perfect name, and this was the reason why you should also try this track for the solo.

8. Hotel California

Do you know who Eagles were? If no, then you would surely have heard about the track Hotel California. This record got popularity in the year 1976. Joe Walsh and Don Fedler have been quite popular since then as the best guitarists.

9. Crazy Train

With this track, Randy Rhoads got a good name, and perhaps this album is too good to even today and can make you feel like a professional guitarist when you play this track.

10. Cross Roads

Clapton is a popular name if you have heard a lot of guitar-based tracks. A brilliant record for guitarist and even you can try this track.

11. Voodoo Chile

It’s Jimmy Hendrix who came up with Voodoo Chile. A perfect combination of performance and music, this track is just excellent. You can watch his video and also learn some of his styles.

12. Johny B Goode

Johny B Goode is a perfect example of best guitar solos, and with this, you will be able to revive your senses. It would help if you also listened to Chunk Berry on Top.

13. Texas Flood

Steve Ray was responsible for this track, and it was a brilliant combination. This track had come in the year 1983, and it was just awesome in every single way.

14. Layla

Clapton came up with Layla, and this had released in the year 1970. The best love song that you can get ahead with for perfect romance and love.

15. Floods

The modern era song which came in 1996, Darrel had adopted this from the 1996 album, and this was a brilliant track, and almost all the guitar fans would love it.…

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